Thursday, March 10, 2011

Woman who cried rape

Where's the solidarity with the real victims?

Consider for a moment the pain, humiliation, trauma and some times life-long suffering and multi-faceted setbacks and problems to just cope, any victim of sexual assault or rape may encounter.

Add to that all the myths, the self-blame and the burden of going through the processes of filing police reports, medical check-ups, trials and what not.

Given all this, it is truly beyond belief how a seemingly well-functioning adult woman can cry rape. And for what? To avoid paying for a taxi fare! I am utterly dumbfounded and speechless, really.

A false accuser jailed

Given the above circumstances, I find it absolutely correct that the British woman who falsely accused a taxi driver for rape has been given a 12 months jail sentence.

In fact i would like to extend a thank you and applaud the proper authorities for taking a stand, basically saying that this will not be accepted.

The victims will need compassion, support and understanding, each and every step of the way. That goes for you and I as individuals, as well as us as a society. The last thing these survivors need is a slap in the face and more poisonous food for all the doubters and haters out there.

We all make mistakes

Look, we can all make mistakes, and I have no problem understanding how a youngster - given the right circumstances - can falsely accuse someone of assault or attempted abduction. As such, there will probably always be a very small number of false accusations of sexual assault and rape.

Let us however get rid of such rubbish as this British woman was capable of. This is a crime, something which the court now has agreed to.

In the words of a police detective: "She had numerous opportunities to tell the truth but refused and continued with the allegation which nearly cost an innocent man his livelihood. This type of false allegation undermines the true victims of such crime and this should serve as a warning that we will prosecute people who make malicious claims."

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Jessica "Wolverine" Metaneira said...

What a piece of crap she is. She took a crap all over another human being's life and made a huge mockery of the real rape victims who are suffering panic attacks, nightmares and other lasting severe issues and struggling to recover. She disgusts me.