Sunday, May 1, 2011

College students, naivety

Profiling a potential serial rapist and killer

In this chilling article, reports about a potential serial rapist and confirmed killer who seems to target college-age women.

DNA material has linked the man who abducted and strangled Brianna Denison to three other sexually motivated attacks against young women on or near to the campus of the University of Nevada in Reno.

These attacks occurred on October 22, November 13 and December 16 2010. All victims were quite similar in appearance, according to authorities.

The naivety of college students

A former police detective and now a forensic security consultant said the suspect takes advantage of the naivety of college students.

"These students don't think about all of the horrible things that can happen," he said. "They are living in an area where things are positive, and they drop their guard. They are normally not concerned with the dark side of life."

How about you? Are you amongst those who tend to think that "crime never happen around here, this is a quite area", "it can never happen to me", or "it is probably going to be safe"?